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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flashbak - Bicycle Safety Lights

-4 metal clips attach FlashBak to almost anything.

-Flashbak illuminates the RIDER, not just the bike.

-Lights are visible up to 500 yards.

-Provides both rear and side visibility of rider.

-Lighting harness is fully adjustable--fits all sizes.

-Uses AA batteries, easy off and on lighted switch.

- 250 Peak Lumens / 3.4 Peak Watts



Jay Rain said...

I currently have one of these FlashBak lights. I bought in New Orleans, La for Christmas. It is so different from all of the other red blinkie lights that I’ve had...this is very BRIGHT, and it can be attached to anything! The coolest feature is the remote switch. How many times have you wondered, "Did I turn my rear light on?" The remote switch on the FlashBak lights up so you know that your lights are on. A very cool feature, the switch just hangs over my right shoulder. I love my new FlashBak.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I have one, too, and was immediately impressed.

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