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Thursday, January 7, 2010

HATTARICK 2010 Ride Report - From Rick

The ninth annual HATTARICK of 2010 has come and gone, and those of you who missed it are stuck with only your warm memories.   The “six pack” that braved the 13 dF temperatures, the zero degree wind chill, and the black-ice trail riddled with treacherous ice ruts (obscured by the recent 2-inch snowfall)… already have 20 miles of cycling in 2010, and bragging rights.  What’s to brag about?  Well, let’s start with the 2010 list of firsts:

Coldest HATTARICK on record (13o start; 21o finish)
First sub-40 degrees ride HATTARICK CEO didn’t have to borrow someone’s gloves
First HATTARICK to make Jana’s restaurant the official rest stop
First HATTARICK Ray George rode his unusual Klein mountain bike (no downtube)
First HATTARICK casualty: Zigg water bottle that literally split open from internal pressure
First HATTARICK documented in a video!
First HATTARICK ridden with studded snow tires
First HATTARICK sighting of a fox (4-legged)

I could go on, but I think the point is made.  And… as it turns out, that whole Lance Armstrong rumor?   Well, it WAS TRUE after all!!  Unbelievable.  Hopefully someone got a photo of it.

This year’s participants included:
Videographer and 2010 Coolest Bike Winner… Tim Cristy
2009 Coolest Bike Winner… Surly Dylan Menges
Ray “Saved by my i-Phone” George
Kamran “Hey, a fox!” Dargahi
Andre “The Furnace” Dargahi
Founder and CEO… Rick Holt

I could go on, but it wouldn’t be true.  And if that wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t… midway through the first half of the ride “The Furnace” took off his winter coat, tied it around his waist, and rode the rest of the ride in 13 – 21 degree temps with 3 layers: a t-shirt, a turtleneck, and a hooded sweatshirt.  Did I mention he’s like 13-14 years old?  His mother would’ve killed us. If she reads this, she’ll probably kill his dad.

These types of feats are made possible by the annual ‘blessing’ that starts each HATTARICK, provided again this year by the presence of Pete Hill and Marty Zill, who arrived with St. Paul, MN friends Betsy and Richard.  This foursome passed out hugs and encouragement, then went ahead to make arrangements so that Jana’s restaurant was ready and waiting for the ‘six-packs’ arrival.  The ‘ten’ feasted on organically grown menus, including fresh-caught Hocking River Codfish Rueben sandwiches.  Andre “The Furnace” Dargahi attempted a stack of pancakes that came with a stepstool, and his dad Kamran kept the diners entertained with stories that had to be true, cause… even Hollywood knows better than to make that stuff up.

And so many people passed the secret con-"test" by noticing that the December HATTARICK Announcement incorrectly referred to the town of Eclipse as "Enterprise", the contest organizer had to withdraw the prize ($157.32 gift card to Walgreens) and use it for... essentials.

All in all, HATTARICKS get better every year, and this one was no exception.  AND, we discovered the paved trail now goes north into the heart of Nelsonville, and starts right there where all those old, restored railcars sit, behind Rocky Boots.  So, next year, THAT’S where the ride will start, and Jana’s will be the perfect rest stop, again.

Hope to see you then.  For those that didn’t make it, you have a year to get tougher.
Some photos are attached, and some are out there in cyber-space, provided by the other participants.  And the video will be COMING SOON to a theater near you!

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