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Friday, January 1, 2010

I almost forgot about this - 9th Annual HATTARICK - Hockhocking Adena Trail To Athens Ride In the Cold for Koffee

9th Annual HATTARICK - Hockhocking Adena Trail To Athens Ride In the Cold for Koffee
Saturday, January 2, 2010          10:00 AM Start

Friends, it seems like only yesterday that it was........ yesterday.
However, today is the first day of the rest of your life... a day to stop & take stock of how really lame these HATTARICK reminders have become.
I can hear some of you right now saying.... 'become?  heck, they've always been lame'  and.... you'd be right of course.   Consistency is a  HATTARICK trademark.

Fortunately, the "ride" is nothing like the reminders.

For many, this is the FIRST ride of the new year.  For a few, it is also the last.   Why's that, you ask?

Because the HATTARICK tests one's metal.  Only the truly strong survive it.  
Well, a few of the truly 'thick' have also survived it, which underscores and supports the HATTARICK's strong stand on diversity.
"Every one of you is unique...  just like everyone else"

So, let's get on with it.... ( it = schedule).

Day of Ride:
9:15 - 9:45 AM   Arrive at Hocking Technical College Parking Lot, in Nelsonville, OH – Across the RR tracks from all those quaint log cabins.  Park near the tracks.  Dress for 2 kinds of weather, minimum.   Take extra gloves.  The ride leader will be trying to bum a pair off someone again this year.  Consistency is a HATTARICK trademark.
10:00 AM Leave the parking lot  (preferably on your bike & on the trail)
This is a social ride, not a race.   We will be using the same timing chips we used last year, because... they give inconsistent results, and
they're cheap.   (Note to those last year who dipped them in ranch dressing, and ate them:  Not funny)  

11:30 ish  Arrive in Athens, and this is a good point to explain how things are planned to be different this year.  (Change is a HATTARICK trademark)

Each year we ride past (twice) a really nice, locally owned, healthy food... restaurant in the quaint, salt-lick town of Enterprise.  This year the plan is to turn around in Athens and ride back to Enterprise, and eat there !   Discussion points not up for discussion include:
1.  That makes the first half of the ride longer, the second half short, and totally screws up the outdated concept of "half".   Deal.
2.  Some may want to ride to Enterprise, stop and drink coffee, until the rest return.   So be it.
3.  Some may want to stop and warn the restaurant in Enterprise that this group of riders will be back.   That is not wise.  
4.  Some may want to eat in Athens anyway, and skip Enterprise.  (Hey, I don't enforce the rules, I just make 'em)

11:40 ish  Reverse direction, head for Enterprise.

12:10 ish  Stop to eat in Enterprise (Dutch treat)

 1:15 ish  Leave Enterprise and return to Nelsonville

 2:00 ish  Arrive back at HTC.  (pack up, turn up the car heater, go somewhere warm)  

HATTARICK riders are found in that small loop created by the intersection of those people crazy about cycling, and those who are just plain nuts.
The 2009 ride had the highest attendance of any HATTARICK in history.   We needed two separate tables at the restaurant.   Will 2010 be even bigger?
Come and see.   Bring all the cycling clothing you own, be prepared for every contingency, and do the only January in Ohio ride that features an octogenarian rider barefoot & wearing flip flops.


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