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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Press Release: Pedal-Powered Minivan: New 2010 Mundo Cargo Bike is a Stylish, Affordable and Climate-Friendly Solution for Hauling and Errands

Pedal-Powered Minivan: New 2010 Mundo Cargo Bike is a Stylish, Affordable and Climate-Friendly Solution for Hauling and Errands

(Sausalito, Calif., Jan. 4, 2010) --  The new 2010 Mundo cargo bike from Yuba Bicycles has been upgraded with more gears and a lighter but stronger frame design, making it the ultimate green machine for hauling, shopping and neighborhood adventures.  

Mundo means world, because it is a pedal-powered solution for the world. Escape the tyranny of automobiles!

Designed for environmentally conscious individuals who want to lower their auto expenses, shrink their carbon footprint and get healthy, the Mundo allows bicyclists to accomplish tasks that previously required a car or truck. Shop for groceries, pedal your children to school, carry a surfboard to the beach, haul tools to the job site or pedal a keg to the party. Like a minivan or pickup truck on two wheels, the Mundo makes errands fun—minus the pollution and high cost.

“We want to change people’s perceptions about what a bike can do,” says Yuba founder Benjamin Sarrazin, who hauls his kayak to Sausalito Harbor on his Mundo. “The Mundo allows people to carry things that don’t fit on a regular bike.”

The Mundo is ideal for small businesses that deliver products. A pedal-powered delivery service in Portland, Oregon, uses Mundos. A coffee roaster in Davis, California, delivers beans to customers on his Mundo. In France, a Parisian diaper service has ordered a fleet of Mundos. “We want to inspire entrepreneurship by providing a low-cost alternative to a car or delivery van,” Sarrazin says. “When you calculate the expense of a new automobile—gas, monthly payments, insurance, registration, repairs—cargo bikes really make economic sense.”

Launched in 2006, Yuba Bicycles has upgraded the Mundo every year. The new 2010 version 3.0 is the pimpiest ever. Mundo V3 comes with 21-speed grip shifters for easy pedaling. The high-tensile steel frame is nine pounds lighter and disc-brake compatible. A Utility Deck made of recycled milk jugs provides a sturdy, lightweight platform. Redesigned side loaders balance big loads. A 48-spoke rear wheel offers superior strength when fully loaded (the Mundo is rated to carry a whopping 440 pounds). 

Yuba’s oversized, waterproof Go-Getter panniers are big enough to hold a week’s worth of groceries, making the Mundo ideal for trips to the supermarket or farmer’s market. The Utility Deck accommodates two Peanut Shell safety seats, allowing parents to pedal their children to the park. Adult passengers sit directly on the Utility Deck, padded with a Soft Spot attachable cushion, and rest their feet on the side loaders. 
“Everyone is looking for solutions to climate change and we all want to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,” says Sarrazin, whose company is based in Sausalito, California. “The Mundo is a great way to conserve energy and improve the health and livability of our communities.”

The Mundo V3 costs $1,099 and comes in multiple colors and matte black. It is available in 38 retail locations and bike shops across North America, with additional outlets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Ask for it at your local bike shop or order one online at The 85-liter Go-Getter bags cost $109, and the Peanut Shell child seats $149.

To purchase contact Yuba Bicycles founder Benjamin Sarrazin at 415.331.1126. Journalists email Visit to check out images of the Mundo in action around the world.



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