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Friday, January 15, 2010

Report Lists Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

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Walker Evans said...

"Most Dangerous" is extremely misleading. I think the local media is doing a bad job of interpreting MORPC's data.

We need to see some sort of assessment based on volume of pedestrian/bike traffic in those corridors compared to the total number of crashes. Obviously, you're going to have more crashes where there are more bikes/pedestrians, but that doesn't say a single thing about corridor safety.

An example (with pretend numbers):

1000 bikes per day on High Street + 10 crashes per day = 1% crash ratio
10 bikes per day on Bethel Road + 2 crashes per day = 20% crash ratio
0 bikes per day on I-270 + 0 crashes per day = 0% crash ratio

According to the NBC4i's interpretation of MORPC's data, these types of figures would mean that High Street is five times more dangerous compared to riding on Bethel Road, and that 270 is the absolute safest place to ride a bike, since all they're looking at is total number of crashes.

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