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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sanyo Eneloop Bike

Electric Motor Assists Pedaling.

The SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle is a next generation bicycle that transports you efficiently with minimal effort. The SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle features innovative functions such as "loop charging," which charges the battery while riding. "Two-wheel drive" allows for smooth start-up on hills and slopes and ensures a steady, stable ride. These advantages allow the SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle to be used for commercial or consumer purposes.

Loop Charge*1
Conserve energy while you ride.

Loop charging is a power regeneration function that circulates energy for more efficient use, charging the battery by generating power while riding. The "brake charge system"works in conjunction with "Auto Mode" to deliver an ideal riding experience best suited for the particular riding conditions the bicycle and rider are currently experiencing.

Brake Charge System

Depressing the rear brake lever transforms the motor into a generator that is capable of charging the battery. This is known as the "Create Energy" charging system that is activated whenever rear brakes are applied while riding.

Auto Mode

In Auto mode, the bicycle automatically adjusts itself to the riding conditions.By applying the perfect amount of assisted power and brake-activated regeneration based on the environment (flat, uphill or downhill), Auto Mode allows you to ride comfortably and increase your distance.

Power-up Mode
Ride more comfortably with powerful assistance.

The built-in Power-up Mode increases the output ratio of the power assistance motor, allowing you to comfortably and steadily ride uphill with very little energy expended from pedaling.

Two-Wheel Drive
Ensures stable riding with smooth start.

The unique drive configuration enhances ride confidence and stability by combining the motor-driven front wheel with the pedal power of the rear wheel. This prevents wobbly starts and provides a smooth, enjoyable ride.


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