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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday 2/23/10 Ride Recap

Saturday's forecast was for mid 40's and a peek of sunshine. Well, I saw the peek of sunshine and it was in the upper 40's and hit 50 briefly when the sun made an appearance. I decided to ride the Ridge Runner route which has 2000+ feet of climbing and is 60+ miles. A slight wind out of the southeast plagued me for most of the ride, but I had a tailwind heading from my house north to New Albany. As I headed east toward Granville I had a slight wind hitting my face, but as the day wears on a slight wind takes its toll. When I stopped for a break a big diesel pickup truck roared by and on the back in vinyl letters it said, "my carbon footprint is bigger than yours," which I thought was quite funny in a sad and ignorant way. I stopped at the Fredonia Mall and Store for a drink and snack. I don't know why they call it a Mall because it is a tiny gas station with old school analog gas pumps and a little grocery store. People always ask me about my Jimi wallet when I look for my debit card. The cashier at the store commented she liked the orange color and how it held cash and cards. Check out their website because it is a pretty nice wallet to carry when riding since it is minimalistic. I then looped down to Granville and made my way back west with a slight tailwind. I noticed on that section of the road that drivers will give more clearance for roadkill than a cyclist. When I turned south I again had to contend with a headwind.

Finished with 62.5 miles and averaged 15.1mph.



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