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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sling Power Technology by Slingshot Bikes

In every pedal rotation of a traditional bike design there is a "dead" portion in the power stroke where the rider is getting no benefit from the expended effort. With the Slingshot design, we have provided the most efficient use of pedal energy throughout the entire pedal revolution resulting in greater speed with the same expended energy. This difference is achieved as pedal energy is stored in the spring compression - then released at the "dead" portion of the pedal stroke, effectively increasing the length of the power stroke. Any energy not going directly to the rear wheel (forward power) is momentarily stored, returning 100% in the "dead" portion of the power stroke. This returned energy helps balance the power through the pedal stroke and reduces the effect of the dead spot. The net effect is what we call "Sling Power".
Here are the components that allow for the stored energy - release.

Dogbone Flexboard - Located just in front of the seatpost, this board provides independent mid-suspension. The Dogbone is self-aligning and replaceable.
Coil Spring - Located where the head and top join, this spring absorbs shock and stores pedal energy. Different color springs for different size riders. Green=extra strong, red=medium, black=soft.
Stainless Steel Cable - Attached to the coil spring and the bottom bracket, the cable links the front and rear frame components.
Another benefit of the spring, cable, fiberglass board relationship is that the Slingshot frame has the potential to turn every bump in the trail into forward motion. Every bump becomes a boost. This is achieved by utilizing the same stored energy concept explained above - with the added feature of the mid-suspension fiberglass board. When the rider hits a bump in the trail, the front of the bike will absorb the shock by compressing the spring and flexing the fiberglass board (suspension), temporarily increasing the bikes wheelbase. When the bike returns to its normal state, the Slingshot redirects the forces of trail shock into forward motion.

SlingPower is so noticeable - you won't need labratory equipment to detect it!


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