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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ohio Market Day Ride Recap

Brett and I met Tim on High Street near Pacemont to ride to Hills Market. On the way down I realized my poorly mounted rear fender fell off somewhere on the road. Bummer. It was sprinkling when we started and the radar looked like the rain was going to move past us and it let up for a bit as we road north on the trail. The trail does have some low spots and we peddled through the deep puddles. Thankfully I was wearing neoprene shoe covers which keep the water out pretty well.

The Hills Market was pretty busy when we got there. We tried a whole bunch of Ohio produced foods including cheeses, sauces, beverages, and even free hot dogs. All great food, and I picked up a box of candy for my wife.

We headed back south and the rain picked up. By the time we got to where the trail connects with Olentangy Blvd my Showers Pass rain pants were starting to hold water in the fabric, but they never soaked through. As we started up the street we encountered a lively game of street hockey. They had a lull and I started riding through, when all of a sudden I hear screaming and they are going at it again. I continued to pedal and looked back but Brett was nowhere to be found. So I stopped and he cam riding up the road. He explained that he was in the middle of the scrum when they restarted and got knocked off his bike.

We finished with 22 miles. Temps were steady at 48 degrees.


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