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Monday, March 15, 2010

Recession put brakes on miles of new bike trails - Dispatch

After a ceremonious kickoff almost two years ago, the city of Columbus has made little progress on its plan to add 50 miles of bicycle projects, including new trails.
Plans to spend tens of millions of dollars by 2012 building bike bridges, trails, lanes along roads, and other improvements largely have gone nowhere, even though voters approved a bond issue in November 2008 that city officials said would help finance the projects.
The recession caused the city to scale back the plans, said Public Service spokesman Rick Tilton.
"We haven't had any money to do it," Tilton said.


Unknown said...

Mike Brown said (on Facebook) that this story is bogus- couldn't sell bonds, so couldn't do the bond funded work.

I wonder why media outlets are reporting on the Bikeways plan in this way when the Mayor just released news of the 6mil in funding planned for the near future.

As usual the comments on the Dispatch article show that despite what has been accomplished there is still quite a bit more good work to do.

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