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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ride to Granville with Molly 03142010 Recap

Got out for a ride with Molly and we decided to ride a loop through Granville. At the start it was overcast but as we got about halfway to Granville it started to mist and light rain. Temp dropped to 42. We jumped on the trail outside of Alexandria and rode into Granville. Stopped in town for coffee to warm up. When we started back up our clothes were a little damp and we were cold so we picked up our pace and it made a big difference. Molly's rear wheel started making a noise similar to rim pad squeal but she wasn't breaking at the time. It happened about 5 times during the ride back and I suspect it is contaminated bearings. We finished just shy of 50 miles (49.8) and averaged 15.3mph.


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