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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Ride 03/21/10 Recap

Brett and I rode from the east side north through New Albany and then east over to the Thomas J. Evans Foundation Bikeway or the Johnstown to Newark trail. We rode to the terminus and then headed back west. We stopped in Granville for some refreshments. As we were heading down the trail a bunch of people were stopped. So we stopped. We came to find out that on a farm adjacent to the trail someone was shooting a gun and the strays were hitting pretty close to the trail. Of course, we had already passed by the trouble area without any trouble. We continued south east and Brett turned off to head home in town. Finished with 55.5 miles and averaged 15.8mph.


Unknown said...

Regarding the errant shots: was this on property just west of Granville, on the north side of the road?

Columbus Rides Bikes said...


The shots came from a farm to the west of town, but the farm was between the path and the road. We were not shot at, nor did we see anybody as we passed the farm.


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