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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 03232010

We had seven riders out for the TNR. A few of the MNR crew rode by as we were leaving, but they did not join us. They all had quizzical looks on their faces, probably from the rumors of our fast paces and inability to stop at parks to drink beer every three miles. We headed north on High and stopped at Paradise Garage to say hi. North to Broadway where we headed to the trail and then went all the way to Hills Market. We crossed over and headed up the hill into the neighborhoods. From there we wound our way down to Hard Road. We took Hard Road and turned south to Wilson. Wilson over to High and then due south on High. I had about 28 miles for the loop. Thirty total for me, others mileage varied based on starting points. Got a little cool over the course of the ride, but not too bad.


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