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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wheeling Ride 03202010 Recap

I decided to head over to Wheeling for a ride with Kevin. I was surprised to see Stephan and Chaz show up for the ride as well. We headed south on the Heritage trail and then east out through Elm Grove. We had a pitstop at Wheelcraft bikes to say hi to Andy and Cindy. Then we jumped on National Road and headed out past West Alexander to Dutch Fork. Dutch Fork used to have a sizable lake, but several years ago the dam cracked after heavy rains and the Corp drained it. You can see the boundary of what used to be the lake, but it is overgrown. I noticed that my front tire was slowly losing pressure so we stopped and pumped up the tire. When we got to Bethany I decided we should change the tube, so we changed it while we replenished with food and drink. My Armadilloes are wearing and a shard cut through the tread.

Chaz and Stephan needed to leave so they headed out route 88 towards Oglebay Park. Kevin and I started out 67 and a the top of the first hill I realized that the replacement tube was leaking as well. I realized that I was given a replacement Specialized tube by someone that had a hole in it. Thanks! Kevin had a spare and so we replaced it and pumped it up.

We rode out to Wellsburg and then south on the trail and route 2 to bypass the incomplete section and back onto the trail.

53 miles
Hit 43mph on a downhill
Averaged 16.2mph
75 degrees

All the planets are painted on the Brooke Pioneer trail to show relative distances. We stopped to take pics.
We saw a medieval festival on the trail in Warwood.


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