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Friday, April 23, 2010

Columbus' own Deutscher Radfahrer Verein, German Bicycle Club

From the website;

Welcome to the Germania's Bicycling Club!

My name is Stephen Schneider, a member here at the Germania and an avid cyclist since my teenage years.  A few seasons back, I started to lead bicycle trips around Central Ohio for our Germania members and friends to bring back the sporting aspect of our club's founders. 
When the Germania was founded, the original members enjoyed singing and soccer as a way to bring their immigrant community together.  Well, almost 150 years later one still finds the singing portion of the Germania alive and well, but the soccer aspect is all but history.  So, I decided to bring a more contemporary sport back to the club, one in which all ages and skill levels could enjoy - cycling!
For the first few seasons, I wanted to see how well the members enjoyed this new addition to the club's activities and found it quite well received.  Especially, since the main goal of each ride is to instill a sense of "Gemütlichkeit" among it's participants.  That's a big German word for enjoying one another's company in a comfortable, friendly setting - which these rides are designed to provide.  The potluck following each ride helps to instill a greater sense of Gemütlichkeit for all those who participate as well! 
So, this isn't your ordinary cycling club - let me say that.  It's more along the lines of spending an afternoon cycling, enjoying the countryside upon a smooth bike path, conversing in English and German with like minded friends.  Afterall, you can spend the rest of the week riding like Lance Armstrong, but where else can you spend quality time with friends on an afternoon ride?  Here at the Germania, that's what the Deutscher Radfahrer Verein is all about and if you would like to join us this seasion, listed below are the dates and locations to keep in mind:
May 23: The first ride of the season will follow the Olentangy Bikepath up to Antrim Park Lake from the Germania parking lot on the south side of the building.  Following this ride, we will have a potluck picnic in our own grassy Bier Garten and enjoy a few grilled Brats (provided by me) to get the season off to a delicious start! 
June 13: This ride has become a seasonal favorite and caught us in a quite a shower a few years back!  It follows the bike path from Yellow Springs to Xenia and is the only one that does not have a potluck picnic.  This ride starts at the Train Depot in Yellow Springs and journeys down to Xenia and back.  However, when we return to Yellow Springs everyone meets back at the Olde Trail Tavern on the main street in town for a bite to eat.  So, please email me at the address given below, so I may let the friendly staff at the Tavern know an approximate number, thanks!  Yellow Springs makes a nice day trip too and some get there early to shop, dine or take a stroll through the Glenn Helen.  If you've never been there I can help suggest a few things to do before and after our ride, so plan on making a day for this one!
July 18: The July ride will follow the Northern Alum Creek Pathway from Westerville to Easton and back.  The park on Schrock road, in old Westerville adjacent to Alum Creek, will be our starting point and also the location for our potluck picnic.
August 8: In the midst of summer we will enjoy a wooded ride in Amish country from Gambier to Danville, Ohio along the splendid Kokosing Gap Trail.  Please assemble for the ride at the small Depot just below the town of Gambier across from the Kenyon College Athletic complex.  The potluck picnic follows in the Waholding river valley at Rogers Cabin in the woods!
September 19: It's early fall and we'll scatter a few leaves along the trail from Granville to Johnstown, Ohio.  Please meet up at the back of Wildwood Park,  just west of downtown Granville for the start of the ride.  The potluck picnic will follow at the Hohman's farm, just north of Outville, Ohio near Granville.
October 10:  Well by now we should be enjoying the last of Indian Summer and this ride will follow the lower half of the Alum Creek Pathway in the Three Creeks Metro Park.  Everyone needs to meet at the Sycamore Fields parking lot for the start of this ride.  The post ride potluck picnic will be held at the Motika's home located near Obetz, Ohio.
So, sounds like a summer of nice outings eh?  Well I should hope so, with these fine paths to enjoy, along with one anothers' company at the post ride potluck it should be!
All of the rides begin at 1:30pm the day of the ride at the location/park entrance described above.  Please arrive sometime after 1pm to make sure your tyre pressure and any last minute necessities are in order. 
Helmets are encouraged for all participants and especially recommended for all children under the age of eighteen in attendance.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at the following email address:
Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we look forward to seeing you on a ride this summer!  Until then, bis bald - Tschüß!


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