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Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the Saddle: Biking the Americas Q&A - from travel blog

Working in the travel industry, I have the privilege to visit, explore, and read about some of the world's great destinations. I also have the good fortune to meet the people out there experiencing the trips and places we love. Witness 25-year-old Chip Albright, a Van Wert, Ohio, native who has been traveling the world for over four years and is currently over halfway through his quest to bike the Americas from north to south. We caught up with Chip via email in Baja, Mexico, on his way north toward the U.S. border after over a year in the saddle. You can follow Chip's progress toward his final destination, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, at
ed. note: Why am I posting this? Because I work with Chip's brother. I got to meet Chip here in Columbus on his break a few weeks ago.


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