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Friday, April 9, 2010

Metro Parks to expand Three Creeks bike path - Columbus Messenger

(by Rick Palsgrove, Southeast Editor - April 08, 2010) 
Work has begun on extending the Blacklick Trail bicycle path at Three Creeks Metro Park.

The project, expected to be completed this fall, will connect the trail to existing paths that will enable cyclists, runners, and walkers to travel the five miles from Three Creeks to Pickerington Ponds.

According to Steve Brown, Metro Parks chief landscape architect, the Blacklick Trail is being extended north from its current end point just south of U.S. Route 33. An 880 foot long bridge will carry the path over U.S. 33 and across to the west side of Blacklick Creek. The bridge over the highway is needed because there is not enough clearance to go under U.S. 33 at Blacklick Creek.
From there the path will follow Blacklick Creek until it crosses the waterway again  just south of Winchester Pike where it will connect to an existing path that reaches the Winchester Pike/Ebright Road intersection.

Next the trail will go under Winchester Pike at the road bridge and follow Shannon Road, finally connecting to an existing path north of Shannon Road that leads to Pickerington Ponds. As part of the project Shannon Road will be straightened as it approaches Winchester Pike.


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