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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mid Ohio Ride Recap - 04252010

We all decided to ride the 67 due to the uncertain weather. Due to a hyperextended knee and sleeping in we lost two of the 6 riders before the start. Taylor showed up to ride the century to bring our number to 5. I rode my Klein because I am waiting on new tires for the Lemond. So, we headed out hoping for the best and the weather was beautiful for most of the ride.

One section of course has a bridge issue so riders head down a hill, dismount and cross the bridge, then climb back on and climb a little hill. After we crossed the bridge I dropped the front chainring to the small ring and started pedaling. I turned half a crank and then it stopped cold. I looked down to see the chain wrapped around the entire small ring and half of the large ring. After review we determined the screw holding the front derailleur cage was missing and it allowed the chain to wrap backwards onto the big ring (see pics). So I pried the front derailleur up enough to spin the chain backwards releasing itself. We zip tied the cage and voila, we were off. As we were heading back south towards Delaware the wind and clouds kicked up. We had 20+mph winds in our face and it started to rain. As we got closer to town the rains subsided and we made it to the parking lot just as the thunder started. Great day in the saddle even with the mechanical. We rode 65 miles and averaged 16mph.


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