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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 0413010

12 people at the start including 6 new riders. We rode from the park south and headed over to Cleveland. E Naghten is closed so we made out way through the alleys to Cleveland. From Cleveland we hit the 670 trail. At Leonard my front tire went flat so we stopped for the repair. The valve popped off on the first tube when I tried to inflate so onto the next tube. Second tube held and we headed back out after we said goodbye to Morgen and Andy. Andy wasn't feeling well so they need to leave. Then we headed out 5th into a headwind and made our way through the airport. After the airport we headed south on Cassady into Bexley. From Bexley we rode west and then took the trail over to Franklin Park. We stopped to see the community garden and then headed west on Bryden to Yellow Brick Pizza. We had seven for late dinner and a beer. I ended with 22 miles but others may have had more depending on where they started.


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