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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 0420010

We had eleven show up at the start including two new riders. The cool story about the two new additions is they met on a Monday ride years ago (when the rides were actually a ride) and ultimately got married. But, they are frustrated by how the Monday rides are progressing and showed up to see what the Tuesday Night Ride is all about. We headed south from the park and rolled through town, jumping on the trail and headed down to Greenlawn. From there we made our way through the neighborhoods out to Demorest and ended at Big Run. There we raced up and down the hill a few times. The we headed north and ended up on Sullivant. From there we headed east and then took Souder up to the trail. From the trail we turned on 3rd and headed to Surly Girl. 24 miles total. No mechanicals. No much stopping, but a lot of riding occurred.


Zach said...

Had a great time. Good to be back in the saddle and thanks again so much for hosting these!

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