Cruz Bike Silvio

Silvio is a road bike, transformed into front wheel drive. It features carbon fibre chainstay, full molded seat and a fork and frame that integrates suspension.
This is the bike that carried Maria Parker to a course record for any woman on any unfaired bike on the Saratoga 12 hour race for distance in July 2009, covering 211 miles for an average of 17.6mph in difficult conditions. Read more.
This is the bike that carried Maria Parker to a UMCA world record for any woman on any unfaired bike for distance covered in 12 hours in October 2009, covering 241 miles for an average of 20.08mph. Read more.
We sell the Silvio frameset alone, or with a full components set, with or without wheels. It will take your favourite campagnolo groupset or dura-ace or ultegra if you prefer shimano.
We can ship the Silvio anywhere in the world. Like all cruzbike front wheel drive bikes, you are guaranteed absolute performance from our full body ergonomics and our quality frame design.
We have technical guides and experience to ensure your Silvio works supurbly and looks absolutely beautiful.
We have detailed advice on component selection and staff ready to help you choose the right components and ensure your bike works exactly as it should.
An Assembly Procedure and a Parts Diagram for the Silvio is available.
We also have a page for suggested accessories - email our technical resources people at Cruzbike Inc. with other options that you have found work out well!


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