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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How Does Your State Rank in Bicycle Friendliness? - Bike League

To coincide with Bike to Work Week, the League of American Bicyclists is excited to announce our third annual Bicycle Friendly State (BFS) rankings. “We are delighted to report that states, and statewide bicycle advocates, are using this program to target legislative changes, adopt new policies and even start new advocacy groups in order to improve conditions for cyclists,” said Andy Clarke, League President. “Change at the state level is harder to see than in a community or business, but is no less important – and we are seeing real progress.”
At the top of the list are:
1. Washington
2. Wisconsin
3. Maine
4. Minnesota
5. Oregon


Jen said...

I wish this were by city. I think the bike legislation, policies, infrastructure, and education for Columbus are a lot better than Ohio at large. Though, I don't know how Ohio got a 1 for enforcement, I witnessed a cop do absolutely NOTHING for a cyclist that got assaulted by a driver the other day. Maybe that was just a single case, but it made me mad. On the flip side, I ran a red light in front of a cop earlier this week and he just shook his head, so I guess it maybe sorta balanced out. I'm glad he didn't pull me over, that would have been embarrassing.

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