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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jamis Satellite Sport

Any dyed-in-the-wool road junkie will tell you: Steel is real. It’s the most refined, resilient, lively frame material ever. It is the benchmark for ride quality.

Granted, flyweight carbon and lightweight aluminum are tough to beat on race day, when weight and stiffness are paramount. But our steel bikes are perennial sellouts, and that’s because of the ride, because we know how to make them work. 

Steel sings over pavement, with a resonance and springy liveliness that rewards crank-blurring spin-meisters and 
big-gear mashers alike. Factor in our award-winning geometry, and it’s an unbeatable combo. Year after year.

Editor's note: My little brother called me yesterday to tell me he picked up one of these for himself and his fiance. Looks like a nice bike for the price.


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