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Monday, May 10, 2010

Serfas RX PRO SHORT FINGER gloves are my new favorites

Editor's note: I purchased these gloves after the Specialized BG gloves (junk) fell apart after half a season of riding. I wore the Serfas on TOSRV for 115 miles with no hot spots, numbness or pain. I was getting some nerve pain while riding long distance and the Specialized were a little bulky. They helped some, but the padding was quite thick. The Serfas fit like a glove (no pun intended) and have loops for pulling them off. The thumbs have really soft microfiber, great for wiping your nose on cold days. These gloves are keepers.

Designed by doctors to increase blood flow and reduce numbness
Seperately stitched, double reinforced palms
Easy off loops
Partitioned Padding and double stitched to increase Flexibility, Comfort, Durarability
Breathable, Wicking, Stretchable mesh upper
Reflective Trim and Microfiber cloth thumb

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