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Sunday, May 9, 2010

TOSRV 2010 Ride Recap

30-40mph winds predicted out of the west, turns out a lot of it came from the south.
Started with 6 riders - Tim, Molly, Bill, Ashley, Gary and myself.
Ashley picked his pace and churned out the miles, the rest of the group surged ahead.
Tim dropped out at Chilicothe after a bout with stomach virus.
Raced and beat a sewage treatment truck down main street of Chilicothe.
A banshee attacked Molly's bike. We thought the Park DDR1 (Dork Disk Removal) tool took care of it. (see Sunday)
We caught up to Ashley as we were coming into Portsmouth.
115 miles, averaged 15.5mph
Beer and food at the brewery after ride.
Camped on eastern side of stadium to get out of the wind. Very quiet. Tim drove down to camp.

15mph headwind out of the north
Molly's seatpost clamps mysteriously becomes stripped. Seat turns freely. She continued on.
Ruff Family on Quadzilla near the detour hill.
Molly's banshee noise returned, rear wheel begins to shudder on downhill. Molly called for a ride.
Another family on a Quadzilla
Dead coyote on side of road.
Gary had a hamstring mishap. Gary called for a ride.
Piano Peddler at Chilicothe
The sections between Chilicothe and Circleville were brutal with the headwind.
Circleville to Columbus was still wide open to headwinds.

Pulled a group of people through the headwind and accelerated!
We passed Ashley several times during the ride, including 5 miles out of Columbus. He kept chugging along.

115 miles, averaged 15mph


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