Frankenstein's Monster Bike Update - Doo Dah Float

More photos will be released next week.

Some specs;
Custom Tandem BMX frame combining a mountain bike and a BMX frame.
20" Wheels
20" Suspension Fork (may be swapped for solid fork)
Custom rear wheel has 3 speed internal geared hub, custom spoke lengths, won't shift under load though
Front and rear V-Brakes
Coaster brake does not work and will not work
Bike weighs in around 50lbs
Bike was tested to 700lbs
Rolling weight for the parade will be about 600lbs.
When we tested Monster with two riders and the Elevator keg the weight was 560lbs. We rode 4 miles with the keg and 17 miles total.

Check out the Facebook Doo Dah Parade Float page


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