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Do not mistake us for an unruly band of renegades, but don't take us too seriously. We're simply havingendless fun in an otherwise serious world. We fuse unlikely partners, enjoy planning chaos, and can be found breeding curiosity.

In a world dominated by noisy gimmicks, our methods are different. We turn noise into something usable, by finding the nuances hidden in the chaos. We're part of an unusual band of rioters. These rioters are on the rise, out there building "endless _____ in an otherwise _____ world".


The founding Riot Crew was raised in the mellow Pacific Northwest. Over the years we migrated to Venice, CA, or as we call it, the heart of darkness. Sub_Urban Riot's look and feel is a result from years of influence that is both sunny hedonism, and rainy clarity. We are a combination of ideas. Many of these ideas contradict one another, just as the physical environments where we come from contrast those we live in now. This blend of influences is how the Sub Urban Riot, came to be.

The Goods

No gimmicks. We make stuff that looks good in the closet this year, and will probably still look good next year. It's a simple principle, but one of the most difficult to do right. Each of our pieces has a well tailored, and almost sculpted fit. When it comes to creating looks, we push the envelope for the season, but also offer a cut you can keep around for a while.
The edginess comes from you, not your fancy pants.


We're constantly sourcing sustainable materials, from organic cotton, to recycled polymer based materials. We don't do it because green is in. We do it so your kids aren't born with three arms and a tail.

The "Sunny" Connection

About the time we started the first few designs for Sub_Urban Riot, our friends Rob, Glenn and Charlie started a small cable TV show called It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. A few years later, we've watched them grow into one of the most successful TV comedies around. The first season we outfitted some of the characters with our tees. However, we realized it was way more fun to actually design tees FOR their characters. So, that's how it started. And, it explains why we have tees on our website with such a big range in themes; from Windmills, to ridiculous rearing Stallions. Cheers to Sunny fans.


It's about you. And we're committed to your cause. If anything doesn't work for you, just let us know. We'll exchange any unwashed piece, or offer a refund.
We also like this place we live. So, 1% of all sales go directly to protecting our natural environment. It's not our gimmick, its just what we do.


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