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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank God I Don't Live in Colorado - From the mailbag

Oh, the horror, no bikes are allowed on the roads in Black Hawk Colorado.

Subject: recent bicycle ban on all roads in black hawk, co

Yesterday I rode with team evergreen  up the the central city parkway to Black Hawk and 7 of us got stopped by the police in black hawk at the post office/coffee shop at our re-group point.  Black hawk passed an ordinance (attached) last July that just went into effect in the last 2 weeks that BANS BICYCLES ON ALL ROADS in black hawk!!

The only road through BH that you can ride a bike is 119, but there are no roads you can ride on from central city parkway to get to 119 or 119 to central city parkway! 

They didn't see us ride our bikes, so no tickets.  

Police told us that they "have been instructed not to give warnings". 

So when you hit the city limit, you have to dismount and walk your bike about a mile down the steep hill to get to 119  & peak to peak highway and to do the golden gate canyon loop or turn around at that point (to avoid the walk back up the hill).

Please pass the word so no cyclist get a ticket.  I also know in some small towns (maybe nederland, but I may be wrong), if you get stopped and you don't have a photo ID, you will get a ticket for that as well, I have no idea if Black Hawk has a rule like that.  I thought if an announcement came from you, more people may read it than if I posted it as a discussion on the site.

I think I need to do the only honorable thing.... launch a facebook page "bicyclist against the black hawk bike ban"!!!


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