Mustache on yer Bike - This one's for you Joe!

Individually hand-crafted by metalsmith Laura Crawford, the Bike Mustache is a whimsical adornment for bicycles around the world. 


Every bike has personality, but does yours have enough personality to sport a 'stache? 

Give your bike a bit of bling and help it to stand out from the crowd with a copper mustache head badge. Approximately 1" tall by 2" wide. Keep it flush against the frame, or bend the curls out for even more fun.

Attach to your bike with an epoxy (such as JB Weld) or a heavy-duty double-stick tape (such as 3M).

Please note: Because each mustache is pierced out by hand, there may be a few very minor differences between the one you receive and the one pictured.

If you're interested in a sterling silver mustache, just send me a convo and I'll create a custom listing for you. Only $55.

** Right now, I'm traveling around the US on bicycle! Each mustache is made on the road, in a variety of fascinating places. Check out the photos of me making a mustache outside of Yosemite! All mustaches now ship with information about where they were created - making each one even more unique! **


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