Westerville Bikeways and Leisure Paths

The PROS 2000 Strategic Plan included the development of a bikeway/leisure path system throughout Westerville to connect parks, businesses and areas of interest. Please click on the link to the right for a map and directory of Westerville's bikeways, leisure paths, facilities, parks and amenities.
Bikeway/Leisure Path System:
  • Alum Creek Leisure Path (1.7 miles): From West Main Street, follow Alum Creek South across the HistoricalBridge under Schrock Road to the Westerville Corporate limits.
  • Cleveland Avenue Bikeway (1.4 miles): The Polaris/Maxtown Bikeway at Cleveland Avenue, south to Main Street, through Heritage Park, then Main Street east to the Alum Creek Leisure Path.
  • County Line Acres Bikeway (1.1 miles): From Towers Park across County Line Road north then west to HoffWoods Park.
  • County Line Road Bikeway (2.04 miles): From Westerville Bikeway west across Alum Creek to the western edge of Walnut Bend Subdivision.
  • Polaris/Maxtown Road Bikeway (2.4 miles)North Spring Road west to Alum Creek.
  • Schrock Road Bike Lane (.9 miles): From Cleveland Avenue, east to State Street.
  • Spring Grove Greenway Bikeway (1.18 miles): From Towers Park on Spring Road, east to Sunbury Road Bikeway.
  • Spring Road Bikeway (.94 miles): From Maxtown Road, on Spring Road, south to Grindstone Road.
  • Springborough Bikeway (.50 miles): From Gentlewind Dr north to Huber Village Blvd.
  • Sunbury Road Bikeway (1.8 miles): County Line Road at Spring Grove Greenway through tunnel just north of Marlene, south along Hoover Reservoir to Central College Road.
  • Westerville Bikeway (2.66 miles): Schrock Rd beginning at Charring Cross Dr, north than east behind Roush Honda, north to State St cross at Cherrington Rd, north to Maxtown Road (Ohio Erie Trail).


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