Green Bike Program in Clintonville!

Green Bike Program Information
Check-Out: Bicycles may be borrowed, at no cost, from the front desk of the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center (CRC) on 14 West Lakeview Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. Bikes may be borrowed for a maximum of three (3) days and are available for check-out during CRC’s business hours. When checking-out a bike, you will be given a helmet and the key for the bike’s lock—a helmet must be worn at all times when operating the bicycle and the lock must always be used when leaving the bike unattended.
Check-In: You may return the bike (with helmet, lock, & keys) during any of CRC’s business hours (posted on the front door), with the exception of Sundays, and you must return the bike within three days of checking it out.


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