Ridge Runner 2010 Recap

Tim, Brett and myself left at 7:40am
Temps were upper 70's with 90% humidity
Mayor of Freedonia was at the 52/85 mile route split
Brett continued on century route at Utica
We decided to modify the 85 mile route because of the heat.
Split off the main route to head into St. Louisville
Breakfast at Early Birds - great food and service.
Took 13 into Newark where we hit the trail.
Took Newark-Johnstown trail to Alexandria.
Two fawns were hanging out on the trail in the shade as we headed into Granville.
Heat was oppressive and we stopped every 10 miles for fluid refills.
74 miles (I broke 3000 miles for the year, fastest to the mark ever).
15.3mph average
2350 feet climbing
13% max grade


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