Strader's Bike Shop? from The Columbus Dispatch

Strader's Bike Shop

  5350 Riverside Dr., Columbus
What do gardening and landscaping have to do with biking?
Nothing - which is what's surprising about a full-service bicycle shop inside a busy Strader's Garden Center.
With no outside entrance, most customers wander into the bike store carrying annuals and perennials - and looking confused.
Even the manager, before he began working there in March, needed help finding it.
"My mom said, 'There's a bike shop inside this garden center, and you should check it out,'" said Tim Spencer, 30.
Steve Strader - whose parents, Jack and Ruth, founded the chain of six garden-center stores - persuaded his father to let him open the shop in 1987 after serving in the Navy.
"A lot of people probably don't know it's there, but it's nice and cozy," said Strader, 50. "I like it the way it is."


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