Hilltop area Critical Manners bike ride - Sunday, September 19th

Name of the event: Hilltop area Critical Manners bike ride
Purpose: Tour the bike routes (mostly on the road) through the Hilltop
neighborhoods, including the the Steele bike boulevard, Hilltop
connector to future Scioto bridge, Sullivant Trace trail, and low
traffic neighborhood streets. Critical Manners is a peaceful, purposeful
and respectful bike event where cyclists obey all traffic laws and do
their best to share the road effectively with all other vehicles and
Date: Sunday, September 19th
Start time: 2PM
Estimated end time: 4 PM
Starting and ending location: Westgate Park parking lot next to
recreation center 455 S Westgate Ave
Route length: approximately 11 miles at easy pace with occasional stops
Ride leader: League of American Bicyclists instructor Tricia Kovacs
pkovacs@att.net 476-9093
Route map: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Hilltop-Tour
(subject to change at the whim of the ride leader)
Note: Tricia strongly encourages participants to wear a helmet for safety


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