Steve Magas writes - “SHARE THE ROAD” Stinks…

“Share The Road” to me, actually STINKS as a marketing & legal concept… in fact, it’s not “legal” at all…

Usually diamond-shaped and yellow, these “warning signs” caution drivers that the road is slippery when wet; there is an intersection ahead, the lanes narrow, or there may be bicyclists, farm animals, or wildlife on or near the roadway. Somehow cyclists are supposed to be comforted by the notion that Big Brother is “protecting” us by putting out a “warning” that we are nearby – as though we are a hazard to motorists, like deer leaping from the woods or kids darting out after a ball. They might as well put up “Bikes Might Be In The Way” signs…


  1. Thanks for noticing! This essay has generated more feedback than anything I've written, other than the Taser case. I guess a nerve was struck!

    Steve Magas

  2. Steve,

    Please keep writing such great essays that raise questions.



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