Stringdrive -the only symmetric driving system that works

With STRINGBIKE® you will experience an unparalleled easy and smooth riding. This is because of its revolutionary new symmetric driving system: the STRINGDRIVE® where pure rolling motion provides high efficiency that remains the same in all gears, and stays just as efficient even after long periods of service.

The creation of symmetry, the ancient natural property of all living creatures has been the main driving force behind developing the STRINGBIKE®. The asymmetry caused by the placement of the chain and the gears at one side of the frame, has been the source of lots of problems which have remained unnoticeable until all bikes were driven basically in the same asymmetric way.

STRINGBIKE® is so surprisingly novel and different from all existing bikes that one has to re-evaluate all con ventional features of classic bikes.

One can get used to this new driving sensation and system after a few minutes of test ride and can immediately enjoy its superb comfort of cycling. The correct change of gears needs some training; it cannot be forced to sudden great jumps but has to be moved as fast as it lets itself be moved. In no load condition the movement can be faster.



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