Tour de Troit - 09252010

Tour de Troit website
Third part of the Triple D Challenge (9pm - 2am UDM ride, 6:30am Beat the Train ride, 10am Tour de Troit) We did 90+ miles from 9pm on 9/24 to 2pm on 9/25
3000+ riders (I heard close to 3500 riders)
Police bubble for the entire ride with motorcycle police at EVERY intersection blocking traffic.
Map was good and gave a little description for all the major points of interest. 
Riders spread out over 1+ miles. The ride stretched out so long that I doubt you would get lost with all the riders and police coverage.
Start and end was at Roosevelt Park in front of the Michigan Central Station.
Rest stop for the 30 mile route was at the Gabriel Richard Park next to the bridge to Belle Isle.
Food/beer tents were setup and ready upon return to Roosevelt Park.

I liked this ride, but of the three it is probably third on the list. The Beat the Train ride was more intimate and the ride leader, Andy was knowledgable about buildings, neighborhoods and historic locations. We stopped at a lot of the same locations as TdT but since there was only 20 of use we could take pics and talk.


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