WorkCycles Classic Dutch "Bakfiets" (size XL)

Classic old-fashioned Dutch "bakfiets", hardly changed for 100 years and still hand-made in the Netherlands. Big, heavy, indestructible and simply charming. Great either for promotion or really heavy work. We have standard models or can modify them to your needs.
Please note that these trikes are really big and heavy (350cm long, 125kg+). They are thus only suitable for essentially flat terrain such as in Holland.
Heavy load hauling, promotion, delivery, house moving, rental.
Load capacity-
300kg (yes, 300kg!)
Box 180 x 90 cm (71 x 35 inch)
Key specs-
  • Massive 26" transporter wheels.
  • Single-speed with fixed gear (pedals backwards too)
  • Giant, hand operated drum brake
  • Solid mahogany cargo box on leaf springs
  • Sealed industrial bearings throughout
  • Motorcycle drive chain and steel chain cover
  • 8 speed gearing & hydraulic rear rim brake
  • Canopy
  • Flat or curved lid, fixed or hinged
  • Bisonyl box cover
  • Custom build-up for your business needs


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