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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Presenting the Boo T (Boo Bicycles)

The Boo Bicycles T is a boutique touring bicycle.  Its bamboo rack, integrated into the frame, holds 100 kilograms comfortably.  It is specially designed for longer touring rides when comfort and stability are paramount.  For shorter touring around the city, it is simply perfect—a beautiful bicycle for cruising in comfort and style.

The Boo T has specific features meant to improve comfort and touring, including an internal gearing system to reduce noise and improve reliability without require maintenance or adjustment as well as a belt drive instead of a dirty and unsightly chain.  The wheelbase is longer for stability and the geometry is more upright for comfort.  The Boo T also has clearance for wider tires for comfort as well as V-brakes for slowing down efficiently with larger loads.

Whether traveling across country or simply cruising around downtown in style, the Boo T will turn heads and provide years of pleasure and pride of ownership.

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Unknown said...

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3D ultrasounds said...

Hay very Nice Bike. i always wish for it. Thanks For sharing.

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