Puma is selling bikes now (made by Biomega)

Everyday commuting annoyances: Begone. PUMA Bikes pull together the best, most practical parts of city and folding bikes, BMXs, American cruisers, and fixies to create a whole new urban typology. One that has the skills to easily maneuver through urban obstacles—and stand out from the bustling cityscape.  
PUMA and the Biomega design team have collaborated to produce the next evolution in commuter bikes. Each design is pared down to its essentials to meet the needs of the urban commute with more innovative and thoughtful details than the average bike. And each bike comes to new life with bold, tropical color combinations and island-rooted names.  
PUMA Bikes redefine and reinvigorate the city ride with a bit of radicalism and a whole lot of practicality. They fold, they carry, they cruise. They’re everything and more, packed tight in a sweet, colorful ride.
Editors Note: I don't see the value add here. The Puma bike is a custom painted Biomega. Hmmm.


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