Sunday Ride(s) Report - 11142010

So, it was an adventurous Sunday. I started out riding into town only to realize halfway that my trunk bag was open and stuff fell out. Stuff like my house keys and my vest. : ( So I retrace my route home and halfway there I realized my keys have been in my back pocket. : ) I rode 14 miles really fast. Then,  I decided it was best to drive into town to meet Katie and Bethia for our ride. So we rode 14 miles around town stopping at Franklin park for the pizza by Jim Boudros at the outdoor pizza oven. Mmmm. Then back to Vicky village through the Audubon park and up the trail. I drove back the same route I rode earlier and lo and behold I found my jacket by the curb sitting on a sewer grate. Yay! Turned out to be a good day.


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