Tour de Colo. returns - Denver Daily News

How the governor and a cycling legend helped bring back a cycling classic

Gene Davis, DDN Staff Writer

Thursday, November 4, 2010

When the Coors International Bicycle Classic blew through Boulder in 1980, one law school student at the University of Colorado was intrigued enough to stand on the racecourse and cheer on the competitors.
The ambitious student was impressed by the fourth largest race in the world. But he didn’t think about the Coors Classic again until he started seriously bicycling six years ago, and by that time the race had been defunct for more than 15 years.
And while most cyclists would acknowledge that it’s silly for Colorado not to have a major staged bicycle race, this law school graduate and cycling advocate had the power to do something. After all, being Gov. Bill Ritter comes with some benefits.
“I came to a place believing if we hosted a staged race, it would be in the best interest of the state of Colorado and the people of Colorado,” he told the Denver Daily News yesterday.