Thursday, December 16 · 2:30pm - 6:00pm

LocationALL OVER
1934 N. 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43201
Columbus, OH

Thats right bitches! winter alleycat! Cold? Bored? wanna go for a ride and potentially get sweet shit and support a good cause? then come race in our SANTA THEMED ALLEYCAT!!!! Its set up like a normal alleycat EXCEPT ONE THING!!!!! You need a BAG in which to carry STUFF!! so if you plan on racing BRING A BAG! Also its $10 (ten) to enter. The money goes to Two Machines ( which would help impoverished people in Tijuana.

Also if you plan on racing, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED TO KNOW BY DECEMBER 10TH!!!!!!!!! so that we can prepare things before. we need to know how many racers there will be. So please do that. Just comment on THIS PAGE saying that your gonna do it.

Thats all the info im giving now.....except that you need to be at the 4th street cafe (1934 N. 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43201) for registration AT 2:30PM!!!!!!

*Sponsers for this race will be posted shortly*

After Party will be held at The Chopper house (2171 N. 4th street) get in for free with a spoke card or just throw a couple bucks for Two Machines (please)

[Facebook Event Page]


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