Milton Avenue (Columbus, OH) Bike Box Poll - From Tricia Kovacs

I attended an Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals 
webinar today on bike boxes. Chris Monsere spoke about the bike boxes in 
Portland and reported that 77% of cyclists think that bike boxes make an 
intersection safer. I’ve been opposed to the bike box on the Milton Bike 
Blvd for reasons that you can read about here:

But I don’t like it when others decide what they think is safe for me. 
And I shouldn’t impose my way of doing things on others, either. So, in 
order to figure out what Columbus cyclists think, I’ve created a poll 
regarding bike boxes. It doesn’t ask whether you think bike boxes are 
more safe or more dangerous. The poll just asks if you think Columbus 
should build more of them. I would appreciate your opinion on this 
question, and I’d appreciate if you’d forward this poll to other cyclists.

By the way, the Milton bike box FHWA experimentation study is on the 
Columbus website:

Here’s the link to the poll:
Thanks, Tricia


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