Monowalker Lowrider Bicycle Trailer

MONOWALKER Bicycle Trailer
Technical information

Material: Wood, ash tree- bent with steam and sealed with spar vanish
Weight: 6 kg/ 13.23 lb 
Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lb 
Drawbar: Aluminium 
Connecter: Weber Design Germany - can be assembled universally on every bicycle 
Tire: Schwalbe MoeJoe 
Upgrade: Can be reconstructed as backpack or hiking trailer 
Set- up time: 5 min 

How does it come that the MONOWALKER Lowrider is a two- wheeled trailer and not a one wheeled trailer?

One-wheeled bicycle trailer can be usually packed with baggage up to 20 kg/ 44,09 lb. Furthermore, one-wheeled trailer have often impact on the performance of the bike, due to the shearing force. Additionally, manoeuvring a one-wheeled trailer without a bicycle is very difficult. Furthermore, connecting it when it is fully loaded is very difficult. We constructed our trailer as a means of transportation for the entire equipment, even if you plan a weeklong journey.

With the MONOWALKER lowrider bicycle trailer, a journey around the world can be made easily. Even the Ortlieb Big Zip bag (90x 50x 32 cm) fits onto the lowriders frame. It is possible to fit the volume of four panniers into the Ortlieb bag. This leaves enough space to pack things for a long journey. In our opinion the Lowrider makes a journey much easier and comfortable than travelling with a fully packed bicycle.

• When the bike is without baggage, it is better to maneuver and easier to ride uphill out-of saddle.
• When travelling by train/ plane, much hassle can be avoided when taking the Lowrider, because only two pieces need to be checked in
• Travelling with the Lowrider is much easier now, because it can also be reconfigured as MONOWALKER trailer without much effort
• During your bicycle tour, you can crest mountains or dive into breathtakingly pretty canyons.

Become even more mobile with the help of the Lowrider, on a bike tour, the Lowrider can be reconstructed into the MONOWALKER hiking trailer without much effort. Crest mountains and dive into the atmosphere of breathtakingly pretty canyons. Even on impassable trails, you can reconfigure the trailer into a backpack.


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