Police Chief Likens Riding Fixed-Gear Bikes To DUI [via Long Beach Post]

by Greggory Moore | No Destination | 11.12.10 |

2:20pm | It was easy to miss during discussion at the Nov. 9 city council meeting related to the recent police break-up and mass bike confiscation of a Critical Mass ride, but somewhere in there Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell stated that his officers are just as obligated to stop you from riding your fixed-gear bicycle (because it has no brakes) as they are to stop you from driving your car while under the influence. Here's the exact quote:
If you're out there and you're driving around with no brakes, then if a police officer stops you and allows you to continue, knowing you have no brakes, there's a liability issue for the City. We can't, in good faith . . . It's like stopping somebody who's driving under the influence, you become aware they're under the influence, and you say, 'Be safe,' you know, 'be careful, go ahead,' and you let them continue in an unsafe manner. We can't do that; we won't do that.

So be warned: apparently Long Beach is not the most fixie-friendly city in America.

Editor's Note: haha!