Topeak has a new bike trailer design [via Bike Rumors]

The guys from Attleboro, MA have a new bicycle trailer coming in 2011: The Journey Trailer. It looks a whole lot like a B.O.B. trailer at first glance, but there is at least one feature that departs drastically from the B.O.B design — the hitch-mechanism. The Topeak Journey uses innovative SlideLock fittings to connect the trailer to the bike, rather than the cotter pins of the earlier B.O.B. trailers or the pin/retaining rivet system of the later models. As an owner and heavy-user of the original, cotter design B.O.B., I’ll say that the system, for lack of motivation to find a better word: sucked. The cotter pins always popped out, sometimes with catastrophic results. It could often be a chore simply getting the mangled pins in to begin with. That issue was probably eliminated with the second-generation B.O.B. trailers, though I can’t speak from experience. (I’m sure someone out there can set us straight on that point.) The SlideLock system definitely looks to be an improvement over what came before it. Extra SlideLock fittings are available in case you want to switch the Journey Trailer between your bikes.
The trailer body features what Topeak calls a “fully enclosed bathtub.” The custom designed drybag with sonically welded seams and roll top closure can be used as standalone luggage when away from its…fully enclosed bathtub.
The trailer journeys on a single 16″ alloy wheel. It also has a carrying handle, a safety flag with pole, and a fender with a clip for a reflector or tail light.
More details and a bunch of photos after the break…  [continue at Bike Rumors]


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