Traitor Cycles Ruben - Interesting 1x9 urban bike

Creating a versatile get around town, commute to work rain or shine bike was the inspiration behind the Ruben. The frame features cyclocross inspired geometry for a ride that is versatile and comfortable. The steel frame and fork create unsurpassed ride quality while keeping the frame very responsive when you need to put the hammer down. We equipped the Ruben with disc brakes, rack brazeons and full fender compatibility to make this the perfect wet weather commuting machine.

Packed with tons of details to set this bike apart from the crowd, the Ruben features all top tube cable routing to keep mud and grime out of the housing and the seatstays feature full cable housing brazeon as well for maximum protection. Our custom laser cut dropouts are designed in a way to not need a gusset for the disc brake mount for the cleanest look possible. We finish the bike off with a tradition lugged straight leg steel fork for a classic and refined look.

The biggest component of the Ruben is the disc brakes that provide incredible stopping power that is effortless. You never know when a car is going to pull out and having the ability to stop quickly can make all the difference. Disc brakes also work equally well in wet or dry conditions unlike traditional canti or caliper brakes which we can all agree suck in wet conditions. Having disc brakes also means not wearing through rims and disc brake pads last for an extremely long period of time and are very easy and cheap to replace.



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