Vail hit-and-run driver walks free from court (via Bike Radar)

By Matt Pacocha, US editor in Boulder, USA
A US businessman who left a cyclist for dead in a hit-and-run incident last summer has walked free from court after striking a plea bargain.
Dr Steven Milo was left with severe injuries after the collision in Vail Valley, Colorado. News that the driver who hit him, Martin Erzinger, was going to be allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor rather than felony charges caused widespread anger in the cycling community last month.
Yesterday Erzinger returned to court for sentencing and was given a year's probation and a 90-day jail term, according to the Vail Daily News. Under the terms of the deal, that sentence is suspended until 1 January, when he has the option to select 60 days' work release from the county jail or 45 days of charity work.


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