2010 Dirty Dozen on TV (WQED) this Wednesday, January 26th

Pittsburgh TV Channel 13 (WQED) will air Rick Sebak's documentary of the 2010 Dirty Dozen this Wednesday, January 26th at 7:30 pm and Midnight.  It will also be streaming on the Internet at:

You are invited to premiere this event at Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe at:

on big screen TVs at 6:30 pm this Wednesday, January 26th.  

I am still taking orders for the gold/yellow DD jerseys (on display at the start) for a pre-order price of $70 (plus $5 for postage & handling). If interested, please e-mail me with your name and jersey size so that I will have some idea of how many jerseys to have printed up. Thanks to Emma Wang for the jersey design, and Washington Reprographics for signs & posters.  Once they are done, they will be sold on my website and at Big Bang Bikes. 

Thanks to Glenn Pawlak & Big Bang Bicycles and Eat'n Park for sponsoring the 2010 DD




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